The Afterlife Proof Organization is a non-profit group dedicated to discerning and disseminating the most convincing evidence for the Survival of the human personality after the demise of the physical body. Formerly known as AECES, see our mission statement here.
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"History shows that every intelligent man who has gone into this investigation, if he gave it adequate examination at all, has come out believing in spirits; this circumstance places the burden of proof on the shoulders of the skeptic."
– James H. Hyslop, Ph.D. professor of logic and ethics at Columbia University
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Gender Identification and Reincarnation
Do spirits care which bathroom you use? Feeling like you are in unfamiliar territory doesn’t mean you aren’t meant to be there; or that you shouldn’t try to make accommodations with the new and get comfortable with who you are now.

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Having a Friend
A 2-year-old child claims to be the reincarnation of a previous friend of his mother—a priest that she liked while in school. The boy knows things about the priest’s death that even she didn’t know.

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Geraldine Cummins
Although long skeptical of the Survival hypothesis, after serving as a medium for more than four decades, she ultimately wrote: “I am inclined to accept with reservations the unrefined spiritualistic view – humdrum bodies as the outward expression of the soul, existence in a non-physical world, but in a world of substance. Why not?”

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The Unobstructed Universe by Stewart Edward White, 1940.

The Afterlife Investigations, released 2011, 200 min.

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The Top-10 Must-Read Books on Survival

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The Articulate Dead:
They Brought the Spirit World Alive

The Hereafter Trilogy:
The Book That Removes All Doubt

Journey of Souls
Case Studies of Life Between Lives

The Conscious Universe
The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena

The Realities of Heaven
Fifty Spirits Describe Your Future Home

A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife:

Your Eternal Self

Exploring Reincarnation:
The Classic Guide to the Evidence for Past-Life Experiences

Defending Bridey's Honor:
The Reality of Reincarnation

Lessons from the Light
What We Can Learn From the Near-Death Experience

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