ÆCES (rhymes with "basis") is a non-profit organization dedicated to discerning and disseminating the most convincing evidence for the Survival of the human personality after the demise of the physical body.

"History shows that every intelligent man who has gone into this investigation, if he gave it adequate examination at all, has come out believing in spirits; this circumstance places the burden of proof on the shoulders of the skeptic."
– James H. Hyslop, Ph.D. professor of logic and ethics at Columbia University

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Featured Documents for November 2014

  Library Document

Sally Morgan v. The Daily Mail
The legal implications of this libel case for mediums and Spiritualism.   For other articles and excerpts on topics related to Survival, see the AECES Documents Library.

  Survival Top 40 Case

The Picture of Raymond Lodge
A renowned physicist and Fellow of the Royal Society lost a son in WWI. He and his family, in six sessions with three mediums, receive many messages convincing them that they were talking to his son.

  Legacy Files Bio


Sir William Crookes
An esteemed British physicist and chemist who ventured into psychical research in 1869, primarily to investigate mediumship. While he expected to discover fraud, Crookes came away from his investigations as a believer in mediumship and other psychic phenomena.

  Legacy Files Interview

Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado
Asistant professor, psychiatry and neurobehavioral sciences, University of Virginia.

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Professor Gary Schwartz, Ph.D. will be the keynote speaker at the ASCS 2015 conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, that will feature the famous Australian materialization medium, David Thompson.  Fourteen other presenters are already scheduled including lawyer Victor Zammit and hypnotherapist Dick Sutphen.

A document titled Instinct, Intuition, and Reincarnation has been added to the AECES Library. The great physicist Sir Oliver Lodge returns to the material plane with unique insights on man's future paths and the nature of evil.

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