"Most of what we know does not come through and is not based on the scientific method."
– John Franklin, PhD.

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Worthwhile Videos From The Internet

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Videos Associated With Survival-Top-40 Cases Videos By or About
AECES Members

Case 65: One More Mission — The James Leininger Soul Survivor reincarnation story.

Case 59: A Submariner Resurfaces — The Kelly/Johnston reincarnation story is available on the Unsolved Mysteries: Psychics DVD

Case 23: A Town Reborn — Marge Rieder, Ph.D., Mission to Millboro reincarnation case.

Case 18: Dying to Meet Each Other — Michael Newton, Ph.D, talks about regressing subjects to the time between their lives on Earth.

Videos By or About AECES Members

Documentary by Keith Parsons titled This Life, Next Life.

♦ Sketches from The Imprisoned Splender by Stafford Betty.

Documentary re Induced After-Death Communications from R. Craig Hogan

A collection of videos by Victor Zammit

Videos Associated With Survival-Top-40 Cases Videos By or About
AECES Members
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