"I dismiss the whole question of fraud from the phenomena so emphatically that I should not waste any time on the skeptic who still insists on that point of view. He is either too ignorant or too indolent for us any longer to attach any value to his convictions."
– J.H. Hyslop, 1925

Reference Section

These articles and documents of special interest
do not necessarily reflect the views of the
directors, advisors, or members of AECES.

In alphabetical order by title.

Behind the Revolution — Edmonds

How the Explosion in Spirit Communications Was Ignited.

As impressed by spirits upon the mind of the Honorable John Worth Edmonds, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

Comparing the Afterlife Abodes of Religion with Recent Revelation — Tymn

Messages from the spirit world paint quite a different picture of the afterlife than that described by orthodox religions.Can all these varying views be correct?

A Cross-Examination of Stephen Hawking — Zammit

The renowned cosmologist is taken to fictional court and forced to face the ramifications of making ignorant speculations and denials concerning the afterlife.

An Examination of Ectoplasm — Tymn

A serious look at the most curious of all psychic phenomena. Don't judge until you have the facts.

The Fenwicks Go To Heaven — Myers

A tale of family ties in the life hereafter.

This fictional but true-to-death story, excerpted from the book, Beyond Human Personality, was told by the spirit of F.W.H. Myers via the automatic writing of the medium Geraldine Cummins in the early 1930s. It illustrates the possible paths our souls might follow after the demise of our physical bodies.

Flush My Ashes — Tymn

When does the spirit leave the physical body and what to do with the remains?

How Scientific Proof of Survival Would Affect Society — Beichler

The coming revolution in science will impact religion and society in mind-boggling ways.

In Pursuit of Proof — Allen

A consideration of the types of proof that are possible and convincing. Should be read by anyone who ever wanted "scientific" proof of spiritual phenomena.

Judaism, the Kabbalah, and the Afterlife — Morse

A review of the evolving concepts of the soul, heaven, and hell over the last 4,000 years reveals intriguing similarities between esoteric Judaism and contemporary near-death experiences.

Sally Morgan v. The Daily Mail — Zammit

The legal implications of the libel case for mediums and Spiritualism.

Science Doesn't Know Where You Are — Hogan

Evidence that the brain can neither contain nor explain the mind.

The 'Sin' of Speaking with Spirits — Allen

What the Bible really says about consulting psychics and mediums, and how concerned we should be.

The Skeptical Quagmire — Allen

If you have read books or articles by those who pose as skeptical critics of psychic phenomena, then you may wish to read this document. It demonstrates the questionable tactics used by überskeptics and debunkers in their efforts to deny the validity of all paranormal events.

The Social Relevance of Reincarnation — Sakellarios

Contrary to the claims of famous folk trios, having to face the consequences of your actions in another life can have a major impact on human rights.

A Twinkle In Time — Allen

This document consists of two excerpts from The Survival Files that provide an uncommon perspective on the reality and meaning of time.

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