"The fact is that much of what scientists know - or think they know - about psi has been confused with arguments promoted by uncritical enthusiasts on the one hand and uncritical skeptics on the other."
— Dean Radin, Ph.D.
Psychologist, author of The Conscious Universe

Case Abstracts

Ordered by Category
Part I - Past Lives Recalled

These abstracts include only those cases currently listed on the Survival Top 40; plus those that were moved to the Honorable Mention list in recent months. Due to the necessity to omit information when writing such brief synopses, these descriptions may lack the impact of the more detailed cases. Click on any title to see the full write up. Within each category, cases are ordered with the newest on top - that is, in reverse case-number order. The actual score and ranking of each case within the Top 40 is not given here [see the Top 40 main page] and is subject to change as new cases are added or additional information becomes available.

Categories of Abstracts

Past Lives Recalled

          Spontaneous Memories

          Guided Regressions

Spirit Communications

          Cross Correspondences

          Individual Mediums/Séances

          Circles & Talking Boards


          Dreams & Visions


          Physical Effects

Past Lives Recalled - Spontaneous Memories

One More Mission
A 2-year-old child says and does numerous things indicating that he is the reincarnation of a World War II fighter pilot. Facts are confirmed by Naval records, surviving shipmates, and the pilot's living sister. [Case #65]

Family Lost and Found
From a very young age, an English woman is plagued by dreams and visions in which she was a woman named Mary with seven or more children who lived in a town she finally felt she recognized on a map of Ireland. In her mid thirties she is able to go to the town and do the research that finally leads her to locate and meet and five of Mary's children … who now accept her as the actual spirit of their long-dead mother. [Case #61]

The Strangers Were Lovers
Since early childhood, a woman is haunted by vivid yet inexplicable memories, visions, and dreams of being another girl. As an adult, she displays accurate knowledge of the geography and history of a town she has never before visited. This is a most special case because her revelations bring about a joint hypnosis session with a man who recalls being the girl's fiancé. [Case #60]

Past Lives Recalled - Guided Regressions

Round Trip to Allentown
A newspaper reporter assigned to investigate past life regressions remembers specific details from a past life as a soldier who had lived in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and been killed in North Africa. He finds confirmation in the Allentown newspaper morgue and in Department of Defense records. [Case #63]

A Submariner Resurfaces
A regression sought in hopes of relieving extreme claustrophobia and aquaphobia uncovered memories of a death by drowning in a submarine that was sunk by the Japanese in WWII. The details were all confirmed by follow-on research and his phobias disappeared. [Case #59]

The Prince and the Servant Girl
Thinking she might get a reason for her fascination with Greece and Tibet, an English woman agrees to be regressed. After six sessions and six memories of previous lives she calls it quits (none were in Greece or Tibet) but the fact that she remembers six lives in exquisite detail - much of it confirmed - makes untenable the often-used explanation of recalling stories read in the past. [Case #58]

The Rebirth of Bridey Murphy
A widely read and most controversial book during the late 1950s and early '60s, The Search for Bridey Murphy told of the hypnotically induced recall by a Colorado housewife of a life as a child and woman in Belfast, Ireland, at the turn of the 19th century. Although supposedly "debunked," once one knows the whole story, it seems most authentic and convincing. [Case #36]

A Town Reborn
During a 17-year investigation using hypnotic regressions, 50 people living near Lake Elsinore, California, remember living in the little town of Millboro, Virginia, in the mid 19th century. Facts are revealed and confirmed that are known by no living person in the Virginia town. [Case #23]

The Apprentice Murderer
A therapist's regressions of two patients - who have never met one another - reveals that each had lives in Bavaria around 1132 in which one was apprenticed to the other and killed by him. Several unusual names and events are described by both subjects. [Case #22]

The Numbers of the Beast
A young women in Brazil, recalls under regression a life that ended in a Nazi concentration camp. As she was telling about having a number burned on her arm red welts appeared on her arm that resolved themselves into numbers. A picture of the numbers is sent to the Holocaust Museum in Israel, which returns a detailed description of a child exactly matching the recollections. [Case #21]

Death in the Garment District
During a regression therapy in the mid 1970s a patient relates the life of a woman named Rita McCullum including the fact that she hung herself in her garment factory on June 11th 1933. A notarized death certificate from the New York Hall of Records later confirms this fact. [Case #20]

The Policeman and the Painter
Undergoing hypnotic regression on a dare, a very skeptical, long-time police officer is startled to find himself a painter in front of an easel studying a picture of a hunchback woman. After unsuccessfully searching for the picture for months he saw it in an obscure art gallery when visiting New Orleans. Further research was to reveal that the artist's career 100 years ago, matched the details from the regression sessions in at least 28 particulars. [Case #19]

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